Green Tree Frog

Common Name: Green Tree Frog
Scientific Name: Hyla cineria

This tree frog was spotted sitting on the boardwalk at
It is owned and operated by The National Audubon Society.
Each toe on the frog has a suction cup.
They use this to cling to trees and most other surfaces.
Their call sounds like a cowbell!

The Green Tree Frog is usually 1 1/4" - 2 1/4" in size

These can be bright green with a white or yellowish stripe along the sides.
The color varies. This frog could actually be yellowish green when calling
and darker dull green or grayish when hidden or inactive.
The stripe may also be short, long, or even lacking.

Their Range an be found from the Delaware to the southern tip
of Florida. Also West through Gulf Coast Plains into Texas.

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