Trail Rules & Safety




  • No Pets Allowed
  • No Food or Drinks Allowed (Except for a Water Bottle)
  • Do Not Litter
  • No Collecting Allowed
              This includes Flowers, Plants, Leaves, Animals, Rocks, Shells, or any
               other part of the Natural Landscape

  • Stay on Trail
              Do Not Jump off Boardwalks into Protected Areas.
              Do Not Leave Foot Trails .
  • No Trapping or Harming of Animals Permitted
  • No Cooking or Campfires
  • No One is Allowed on Trails Before Opening or After Closing Time
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  • Stay With Your Children
               Do Not Allow Them to Run Too Far Ahead Alone.
  • Watch What They Put in Their Mouths
                Many Fruits and Berries are Poisonous.
  • Watch What They Touch
                 Some Plants and Animals or Insects are Harmful.
  • Make Sure They Do Not Wander Off
  • Make Sure They are Well Hydrated and Protected From the Sun
  • Dress Them Appropriately With Protective Clothing and Shoes

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  • Do Not Eat Any Berries, Fruits, Nuts, etc. That You Find
                    Many are Poisonous or Will Make You Sick.
                    Some Animals and Birds Can Eat Poisonous Berries That Humans Can Not.
  • Teach Children Not to Eat Anything They Find
  • Do Not Pick or Eat Any Mushrooms
                    Some are Poisonous and They Are Difficult to Identity.
  • Stay Away from Members of the Carrot or Parsely Family
                    They Resemble Water Hemlock Root Which is Poisonous.
  • Even Safe To Eat Plants Should be Avoided
                     You May Be in a Polluted Area and Plants Can Accumulate Toxins.
  • Many Plants and Plant Leaves are Poisonous
                     Some Include Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Oleander, and Elderberry.
  • Many Plants with White, Red, or Yellow Sap Are Poisonous or Irritating to the Skin
                     This Includes Some Cacti Species.

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  • Do Not Pick up or Touch Insects, Caterpillars, or Small Animals or Reptiles
                      They can Bite, Be Poisonous, or Irritate Your Skin.
  • Do Not Let Your Children Pick Up Any Animals or Insects
                      Always Watch Them.
  • Do Not Feed Any Animals
                      They May Be Startled or Become Aggressive and Bite or Scratch You.
  • If You See a Wild Animal on The Trail, Do Not Try to Get Too Close
                      Use Your Binoculars and Keep a Safe Distance.
                      Remember That These Animals are Wild.
  • Do Not Wear Strong Perfumes or Creams Inside the Nature Parks
                      Some Insects Like Bees or Wasps May be Attracted to the Scents.

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